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Ch Cove Creek's Holger Danske - 'Holger' twelve months old

   Welcome to Cove Creek Whippets, home of Best in Show, Best in Specialty Show and Best in Field whippets.  Growing up in St. Louis during the 60's, my neighbor was the whippet legend Louis Pegram.  Louis introduced me to whippets and gave me my first whippet, "Rabbit". This began my love affair with the remarkable whippet breed.  Cove Creek Whippets is located at the base of the Sierra in Carson City, Nevada, USA.  We do not have a kennel, all of our whippets are treasured family members.  We enjoy competing in the venues of conformation, lure coursing, and obedience.  We love whippets for their grace, beauty, speed, versatility, and affectionate personalities.  On occasion, we have puppies and adults available to approved homes.

Dennis L. Seiler

Member of the American Whippet Club

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